Author: Madhuri Soni

Laos – the Land of the happy!

The yet not so explored land, is gifted with tons of beautiful waterfalls. the top 5 you must visit are: Kuang si Tad Yuang Tad Fane Tad Tayicsua Khone phapheng Make sure you take your swimwear, slippers etc along with some snacks since you will land up spending lot of time here, more than you […]

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Angor Wat- Combodia

Angor (capital) Wat (Temple) A Khmer architectural Masterpiece! The largest religious monument in the world. A hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu for the Khmer empire. Truly a heavenly experience with Apsaras and the devtaa’s stories carved all around. Not to miss the Sunrise when here, the majestic temple standing tall admist the beautiful landscape, […]

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