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I am always in awe about the natural wonders of mother nature, it’s beauty and it’s harmony, and so any modern man made structure would fail to make a mark for me. But for the first, it did This Lady. Lying in the middle of a mountain range called Mullayagiri in Chikmangalur. Woven into nature. […]

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Hey Madz, turn around” I heard @eveleensheena telling me and I replied, ” No I can’t! I just can’t! . I am so engrossed in looking at the beautiful life ahead, I am so busy breathing it all in, I am so occupied capturing each and every moment of mine, that I just can’t turn around. I […]

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As I watch the Majestic, Pure white Taj, I get drenched in the thoughts of how romantic and creative Shahjahan was to have built something that became the 7th wonder of the world. Centuries after centuries people from around the world flock to have a glimpse of it. Yes. I did feel like a queen, […]

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Dekho maine dekha hai yeh ek sapna… Phoole ke sahar mein ho ghar apna….. . Fell in the love with the route to Lachung. The lush green paddy fields, Wide open sky…. And a small.Little raw hut… . Simplicity wins! Love u zindagi 💗

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I stood still , while watching this…. The tranquil water, Rustic stairs leading towards the lake… The colourful blooming trees, The Bells, dangling in the air… All these made such a deadly combo of serenity at its best! The magic of sikkim… @Tsomgo lake And its just the begining.

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The magic of nature

xperiencing….. The magic of nature… The precious moments … The way a lush green landscape changes to a fairy tale snow white…. The way tiny flakes of Snow transcends you to another world…. The way each moment becomes magical… Love u Zindagi 💖 – –

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